As incidents of domestic violence continue to be ever present in our local media, we feel compelled to continue lifting up the realities of abuse and inform our communities that there is help available. As providers of both domestic violence services for victims and services to help those who use violence to stop their abuse, the Crisis Center for South Suburbia and Anew: Building Beyond Violence and Abuse are especially sensitive to the needs of each group and want the community to be reminded that domestic violence comes in all forms. Domestic violence, at the core, is all about exerting power and control over another person. It is never OK. Every nine seconds a woman is beaten, yet despite increased awareness of domestic violence, it continues to be a public health crisis.

Domestic violence can impact anyone.

The Crisis Center for South Suburbia and Anew are here to support victims of domestic violence in the south cook and eastern will county communities. We provide services to those directly and indirectly impacted by domestic violence. We serve those who have been harmed and we also have services for those who have done harm. Our agencies share a believe that change is possible and that change we work to bring forward is a world free from abuse.

We need your help, as a community, to make sure that people in need are aware of our services. People need to be able to find us when they are in trouble before another life is lost or traumatized. If you are a victim of domestic violence and don’t feel safe, we are here to help. If you feel isolated and alone because someone is controlling you, reach out. Call our 24-hotline for support, emergency shelter, resources, or just to talk. Our help and services are free and confidential.

If you are hurting your partner or fear that you might be, you can contact our agencies to learn more about Partner Abuse Intervention services.

Call 708-335-3028 or visit Call 708-429-SAFE or visit