About Us

The mission of Anew is to provide comprehensive, coordinated services to families in which domestic violence exists without imposing any one solution.

Anew: Building Beyond Violence and Abuse is a safe place to get help

Anew provides caring and confidential help to victims of domestic violence. Our professional counselors and advocates understand the dynamics of domestic violence and help clients identify and choose options in their life situations.

All services are free of charge for victims and are available in English and Spanish.

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Our Programs

24-Hour Hotline

Staffed by specially trained domestic violence advocates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Transitional Housing

Staffed by specially trained domestic violence advocates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Adult Counseling Program helps to empower, support and provide domestic violence education to victims of domestic violence.

Emergency Shelter

Staffed by specially trained domestic violence advocates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Court Advocacy

The purpose of the Court Advocacy Program is to inform and assist victims of domestic violence when navigating the legal system.

Abuser Intervention

Our program is a 30-week psycho-educational program using a state-approved curriculum designed to help participants to recognize and identify abusive behaviors

Community Education

Prevention Program provides age-appropriate school-based domestic violence education designed to help students understand healthy family and dating relationships

Domestic Violence Advocacy

Building Beyond Violence and Abuse Domestic Violence Advocacy Program provides domestic violence education and more.

Our Values and Principles

To strive towards accomplishing the mission and the vision, we foster a flexible, inclusive atmosphere in which passionate, highly talented professionals engage in work that produces significant, positive impact on families and communities. We use the following values to guide our organizational culture and processes:

  • We support change and engage in all aspects of this process.
  • We provide safety through trust and confidentiality.
  • We promote inclusivity and embrace diversity.
  • We value others through respect and dignity.
  • We act with integrity and uphold accountability and transparency.
  • We foster teamwork through collaboration and open communication.
  • We commit to ongoing innovation, education and growth.
  • Domestic violence is a crime of power and control.
  • Domestic violence negatively impacts all who experience and/or witness it; therefore, domestic violence diminishes the quality of life in the community.
  • Domestic violence is abuse and is unjustified.
  • Each person has responsibility for his/her own behavior.
  • Survivors do not cause the abuse.
  • Each person has a right to the information, support and services necessary to become safe, self-reliant, and autonomous.
  • Children from violent homes are at risk.
  • Violent behavior is a learned response and is often passed down from generation to generation.
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The Impact

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Adult & Children Victims Provided Services in 2017
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Orders of Protection Obtained For Victims From Our Court Advocates
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Clients surveyed are more hopeful about their future after receiving services at Anew
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Anew staff work as a team everyday to help trauma survivors, those who have done harm and to prevent abuse on the lives of our youth.

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