Partner Abuse Intervention Program / PAIP

PAIP Services

Our program is a 30-week psycho-educational program using a state-approved curriculum designed to help participants to recognize and identify abusive behaviors, use non-violent conflict resolution; promote assertive, non-aggressive communication, achieve and maintain healthy and non-abusive parenting skills, and bring awareness of domestic violence.

PAIP services are accessed by individual assessment for eligibility. Fees are assessed for PAIP services. 

For more information or to request an assessment appointment, please contact the PAIP Office at 708-964-2205, or ask for extension 403.

PAIP Services

Violent and Abusive Behaviors May Include:

  • Intentionally frightening your partner/family
  • Fear or anger thinking that your partner could leave you?
  • Slapped, hit, or pushed your partner?
  • Threatened your partner with violence?
  • Been emotionally abusive to your partner?
  • Broken items in your home or your partner’s home in anger or as intimidation?
  • Been arrested or charged with a domestic related offense?
  • Attempted to control your partner?
  • Heard your partner complaining that you are too bossy or jealous?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, THIS PROGRAM CAN HELP YOU.

Anew: Building Beyond Violence and Abuse PAIP serves adult men and women who have used violence and abuse with an adult intimate partner. Our program emphasizes safety for victims and children, taking accountability for abusive choices, and reducing and preventing continued domestic violence through education and awareness. Our program is approved by the Illinois Department of Human Services.